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About Us

Why Safari Kid?

An Education System that excites children and families. We create World Class Educational Environments based on research and best practices of Early Childhood.  At Safari Kid we help foster the child’s ability and invent ways to deepen the child’s learning and development in many areas. A program which prepares students for academic success in life and yet moves beyond academics in helping children. We encourage our students to explore hands on learning, identify their emotions and develop a healthy self-esteem, express freely their creative expressions and critical thinking. Our focus on their physical well-being lays the foundation for a sound all round development. When children thrive we put a smile on the faces of families.

Our Philosophy

Each child is unique, we identify children’s areas of strength and foster them. Through our customized practices and personalized learning approach we allow children to learn naturally at a pace that is comfortable to them.

Our Vision

Today’s young children are our future leaders and citizens, we want to empower them to create a better world. We strive to create better human beings.

Our History

Safari kid is an International Chain of Preschools and Kindergartens, founded by Ms. Shy Mudakavi in the heart of Silicon Valley in Newark California. Over ten years, 10,000 children going through the program have shown consistent excellence in elementary and middle schools.

The Franchise is expanding rapidly with forty centers in United States and many more coming soon. Internationally Safari Kid has established centers in Canada, India, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Dubai.

Our Culture

The Culture of Safari Kid are our values, beliefs and practices which create an authentic caring and warm environment. Our Multi Cultural environment ensures that each child is recognized as a valuable contributor to the group. Safari Kid Culture is a powerful force that shapes the child’s lives.


All our teachers are highly qualified in principles and practices of Early Child Hood. All of them are creative, passionate and nurturing individuals. We encourage them to be eternal learners and to keep up with latest research in the field, through our reflective and progressive Staff Development Programs on a regular basis.

Our Facilities

All Safari Kid Centers are fully secure and hygienic to keep children safe and healthy. We adhere to Provincial licensing requirements. Our classrooms are well lit spaces with enough room for children to move about freely and explore different work stations. Every campus provides both indoors and outdoor activities. The Play Grounds are well equipped with child sized and child safe equipment which are well maintained. Children are well supervised indoors and outdoors by our staff. Quiet Nap areas are provided for children in extended programs. We have latest electronic sign in sign out systems in place for student drop off and pick up.  This software also notifies Parents when their child is signed in our signed out of our facilities.

Our Preschool Curriculum at a glance

Our balanced and well researched curriculum is an ideal combination of child initiated and teacher directed activities

  • Free play.
  • Booklet System: Is a Proprietary tool to enhance structured academics for kindergarten preparedness, inclusive of mathematics, pre-writing skills and phonics.
  • STEM: Hands on constructed knowledge though explorations and scientific inquiry.
  • Social Studies: World Awareness, Social emotional development and self-help skills.
  • Music and movement: Recreational moves to music.
  • TEMBO: Semi Structured Recreational Physical Activities.
  • Creative Thinking: The Creative Arts and Literacy program enhances language skills and imagination.
  • Specialized Morning Routines: Focus on creating an environment of security and participation in group times for children.

Our Methods

The SMR (Specialized Morning Routines)

Our customized programs are not designed by age groups but by the child’s individual learning capacity.

Our SMR is based on Effective Teaching Principles of Accelerated Learning. This method dramatically reduces learning time while covering more material. Safari kid students thrive in a well-ordered and predictable environment, where daily routines can help ensure the consistency that young children need and also helps teachers encourage all areas of development by planning a wide range of activities. Our fun and engaging routines are great opportunities for learning. Teachers foster curiosity and critical thinking through open ended questions and by the use of open ended material.

Booklet System

Is a Proprietary tool to enhance structured academics for kindergarten preparedness, inclusive of mathematics, pre-writing skills and phonics.

Our commitment to parent collaboration

We recognize parents as the first teachers of the children. We are constantly engaging with parents and listening to their needs for their children and cater to their satisfaction. With the incorporation of efficient modern technology Safari Kid has built a customized platform for organizing and sharing student learning experiences with parents. At safari kid we build mutual understanding and cooperation with parents through specialized programs of parent education. Our Newly introduced Newsletter “The Safari Times" reaches out to parents across the world.

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