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Co-Curricular Activities

Extra Curricular Activities are a vital need in a child's life. Play based and fun, our extra curricular activities are designed to teach many valuable skills. It provides an opportunity for children to develop new interests, hobbies.

Music, Dance & Drama, Arts and Crafts allow expression of creativity

Lego robotics, Chess, Logic puzzles allow children to master logical and strategical thinking.

Yoga & Meditation help children relax and destress

Young Chef program turn our little ones into culinary chefs.

Science projects create wonder and teach scientific concepts in a fun manner.

Sports Camps teaches children soccer, basketball, swimming, badminton, volley ball keeps children fit and active.

These are examples of only some of the classes your child will enjoy at Safari Kid.

A wide of range of enrichments classes are offered. Classes in newer fields and workshops keep your child abreast of new developments in the field of learning and technology.

At Safari Kid, we strive to provide innovative extra curriculars, all under one roof. 

We make the effort so you don't have to. Give your child the best platform to experience and explore in our popular extra curricular classes.

Please contact your local Safari Kid Center to find out which extracurricular activities are offered currently. Classes may be offered in sessions or may be ongoing for the entire school year. 




  • Public speaking & Personality DevelopmentPublic speaking & Personality Development
  • Critical thinkingCritical thinking
  • ComputersComputers
  • ChessChess
  • SingingSinging
  • DramaDrama
  • ArtsArts
  • DanceHindi
  • DanceSpanish
  • DanceMandarin
  • DanceCantonese
  • DanceFrench
  • KarateKarate
  • YogaYoga
  • DanceDance
  • MusicMusic
  • RoboticsRobotics

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