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At the Safari Kid preschool, we understand that every child has different strengths and levels of learning. Our customized programs are not designed by age groups but by the child’s individual learning capacity to accomplish specific developmental goals.

Our balanced and well researched curriculum is an ideal combination of child initiated and teacher directed activities.

  • Our Preschool Curriculum at a glance :
  • Booklet System :
  • STEM :
  • Cognitive :
  • Language and Communication:
  • Culture and Immersion
  • Creative Thinking :
  • Music and movement :
  • Safari TEMBO :
  • Social Studies :
  • Specialized Morning Routines :
  • A Proprietary accelerated learning program to enhance structured academics for kindergarten preparedness, inclusive of mathematics, pre writing skills, and phonics.
  • Hands on constructed knowledge through explorations and scientific inquiry.
  • Develops and enhances memory, problem solving, logical thinking, math and reading skills, laying a sound foundation for future academic achievement.
  • Written & Spoken language skills through a variety of methods, developing strong communication skills and instilling interaction appropriately with adults and peers.
  • Immersion languages offered such as Cantonese, Mandarin, Russian, Farsi and French to help canadian born children retain their native culture and language.
  • Concerts and Talent Events help children get engaged in different forms of music providing a great opportunity to develop public speaking skills, confidence and learn vocabulary.
  • The Creative Arts and Literacy program enhances language skills and imagination.
  • Semi Structured Recreational Physical Activities. A scientifically researched and designed excercise program helping children with speech development, coordination and confidence.
  • World Awareness, Social emotional development and self-help skills. Preschool and Kindergarten programs help children become prepared for education in Public Schools.
  • Focus on creating an environment of security and participation in group times for children. Provides a platform for repitition and reinforcement of learning concepts.
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