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  • Deborah

    "I always thought my daughter Christina had a speech problem, but to my amazement, after being at Safari Kid preschool for a few months, she was speaking clearly and had built up her confidence that I had not seen before. I was teary eyed when I saw my daughter present on stage at the annual Safari Kid Talent show in front of 300 people. Thank you Safari Kid – you have made a great difference in all our lives and we will always be grateful to you."

  • Maria Gordo

    "My daughter Iris Marie started in this preschool in 2004, she was 2 years old then. Before reaching her 3rd birthday, she was able to read one-vowel word and some sight words. Just recently (June 2007), she graduated completing the school's Level 3& 4 Reading and Math Programs. Her reading level if compared in other school kids would be between 1st grade and 2nd grade while her math level would be same as those kids in Kindergarten/1st Grade. The school offers an accelerated learning program and this is the main reason why many parents are putting their kids here. Now, my daughter is turning 5 by August and is already a fluent reader. She is now excited to meet her new classmates in Kindergarten and will use everything that she learned in this school in her future journey. Thank you Miss Shy for a wonderful 3 years of providing joy in preschool learning center. We will miss you!!!"

  • May Lay

    "My children, Anissa and Ethan, are both enrolled in the Safari Kid's preschool program. The other day, the school invited several firefighters from the community to speak to the children about fire safety. I have a story to share about how valuable this experience was for my children. We were at my in-laws for dinner. Something was burning in the oven and when they opened the oven doors, the kitchen was instantly filled with smoke. Right away, Anissa grabbed Ethan and told him to get down on the floor. They were both lying on the floor in minutes. I was astonished by how quick they reacted! My in-laws were so impressed by how Anissa and Ethan were able to apply the skills they learned from the firefighters so soon. I hope Safari Kid will continue to organze informative, fun, and practical visits from our community workers as all children will benefit greatly from these experiences."

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